tree felling services

Did you know we are registered?

Oct 9, 2023

A registered tree felling service provider is licensed and insured to perform tree felling services. This means that they have met the requirements set by the government and that they have the necessary insurance to cover any damages that may occur during the course of their work.

Tree felling is a dangerous activity, and it is important to have someone who is qualified and experienced to do it. With Alphen Tree Services, you can have peace of mind knowing we have the necessary training and equipment to safely fell trees of all sizes.

Being insured means that if we damage your property during the course of our work, you will be covered. This is important peace of mind, especially if you have valuable trees or property.

We pride ourselves in understanding the laws regarding the removal of trees, hedges, tree stumps and plot clearance.

Three key reasons for choosing us as your tree felling service provider:

  • We offer competitive quotes for our services.
  • Our services are performed in a safe manner, ensuring the safety of our staff and clients.
  • We offer not only tree felling services, but we also offer hedge trimming, plot clearance, tree maintenance and much more.

At Alphen Tree Services, we love what we do and we pride ourselves in providing the best, most reliable and safe practice of our services for our clients.

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